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Megan C.
I absolutely LOVE this place! They always greet you as soon as you walk in the door! They do excellent work! I will NEVER go anywhere other then here!
Jan Stotlemyer
I have been getting acrylic nails for years. Just moved to Fredericksburg and found Venus and Brandon. Wonderful work. On time, thorough and very nice. My nails better than they have in years.
Venus nails was recommended to my sisters and i for doing good eyebrows. We came in for pedicures and full sets as well and what more can i say than AMAZING!!! Very peaceful and relaxing. If we are ever in the area again we will definitely be back. A little pricey but definitely worth it!
Chelsea Griffin
I have been going to Venus Nail Salon for about 3 or 4 years now and I am a loyal customer for them. In the past I've had acrylic nails (once in a while) and pedicures every time by them. The quality of the nails were excellent and the pedicures were always perfect. They are very nice and genuine to have conversations with every walk-in appointment I've ever had. I highly recommend them to everyone I can when the topic of nails comes up! The salon is very efficient with time and if you get a pedicure its in a very relaxing atmosphere, I fall asleep almost every time! The decor is very regal and I hardly realize I'm in a salon (minus the obvious salon smells and equipment haha). They also give a complimentary drink to everyone that gets a pedicure. They're prices are very affordable and completely worth it (since I am a broke college student). By far my best experiences ever in a salon, always excellent work every time, and thats awesome to hear since I have been there so many times. I admit to driving any distance to go there instead of the convenience of the nail salons in the mall (since I work in the mall).. and THAT is saying something. You wont regret it.
The people are nice, pedi is good. The lowest pedi is $30 but great massage compared to other places, they have sanatizer tablets to put in water, they offer drinks, it's a nice place to relax and have time to your self, they have all sorts of services and u can request ur own pedi design! Better rang of polish also just stop in and try!!!
Wow venusnailspa was fantastic...
Wow venusnailspa was fantastic. Down visiting my best friend we decided to get our nails done at her favorite nail place .Since this review, I've moved to the neighborhood and venus nail spa has become my go-to spot. The prices are competetive, although not cheap, but the quality of the manicures is fantastic and everyone is friendly and polite. A regular polish manicure will last about a week, if not a little more...
Heather F.
Fredericksburg, VA
They do a good pedicure. The problem is they are like a driven sales force and it feels like you are insulting them by choosing a "less expensive" service from their menu list. My last visit the tech tried to upsell me and I wanted a specific service (not the cheapest - a middle of the road choice) and you would have thought I didn't tip her. She didn't speak to me again the entire time ...
Dedra B.
Fredericksburg, VA
The trick to getting great service here is sticking with the same nail tech. Establish a relationship. Take some personal responsibility for our experience.
If you walk in the door without an appointment, the next available tech will (attempt) to take care of you. If the person who is rubbing your feet and clipping your toenails is the same person who waxes your brows, I'd be raising a brow. If you allow this person to wax your brows after they've rubbed feet and clipped your toenails without washing their hands, this says more about you than it does about them.
I get great service when I get nail services at this salon. Do I get sick of them trying to sell me services that I don't want? Well, they have to eat, too. I've never experienced a long wait. If I walk in without an appointment and there is a line, I have the option of leaving and returning at a later time. When I have chosen to wait and it happens to be pedicure day, I fall asleep in the chair as my feet are soaking in jello.
I think that their service is great. A jello pedicure isn't for everyone, but don't knock it until you've tried it...Of course, such is true for many things.
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